Calm and Soothe

Calm and Soothe, Cool, Get a Lift with Rose

Ways to calm and soothe our  minds and bodies in nature and through sensory activities are plentiful.  Consistently there for me, the garden is my oasis.  What is yours?

A rose can be used to calm and cool the skin, lift the mood, and soothe fragile emotions according to Herbalist Kiva Rose Hardin. That sounds lovely. I find it to be true.  It is simple to incorporate rose beauty into life.

I have had some luck picking up inexpensive rose bushes from discount stores for less than $5, from Michigan Bulb Company online, and transplanting several from my Mom’s garden.

Calm, Cool, Lift, Soothe

Step 1: Plant roses! Step 2: Collect rose hips, blooms, and petals weekly if not more frequenly. It is relaxing and productive. Step 3: Use roses as teas, tinctures, and additions to activities.

Rose hip tea lifts me with vitamin C and antioxidants. The fresh or dried petals added to my bath soothe and calm skin irritations with astringent properties. A calm feeling is always evoked, because whenever and however a rose is engaged, mood is sure to be enhanced. I like to cool down with a spitz of homemade rose tonic.

Be kind to yourself. In the garden, with nature, simply take in beauty. Listening to music, looking at artwork, smelling freshly baked bread. Beauty is for everyone, but can be missed. Don’t give up. Look for it and you will find it.

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