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Response Strategy For Recovery Or Demise

The old adage to keep doing what you’re doing to get the same result applies to response strategy. With hardships and traumas in life we become survivalists. Any perceived threat garners quick reaction that is reflexive. Then we have two choices. We can stay in that mode as a self-defeating, manifestation response strategy. Or we can choose to stop tracking, recover, and enjoy the blessings abundantly available to each of us.

The other day I was almost hit and was completely cut off. I veered and steered out of the way of a car changing lanes. Shocked, mad, and to avoid a wreck, I blew the horn at least 5 seconds after we were both safe. I was so glad I found the horn and hit it hard. After a few more moments of indignation, I moved on to other things. Music began to play and I began to sing.

The next day I was exiting the highway and had to change lanes last minute. I did it, the exact same offense, I admit it. I cut off a car that was in my blind spot. Not only did she honk at me, she proceeded to tail me. Then she drove madly around me and pulled up next to me. She had her window down and was still honking and hopping in her seat, flailing her arm, hand, and finger. Screaming as she shifted in and out the window menacingly, she was prepared to murder me. I was in disbelief. Then she literally catapulted something at my car. BANG. I looked at her with wide eyes and my jaw dropped as she just kept wildly threatening me. Her verbal assault continued even while she pulled away and took an exit. Whoa. Whooooooa. Wow!

Recover or Demise Spiral

Reflecting on the spectrum of responses, I feel fortunate to be able to spend less time in misery. Readily returning to a happier state, this is my zone. Recovery from angst is hastened when we choose to end those survival reactions to threats. Thinking instead on things that are lovely, excellent and praiseworthy is a choice. With gratitude, abundance of such beneficial things is a choice. Or we can choose to carry on like a dramatic lunatic in a bubble of depleting anger.

We all have had misery. The miserable do not have all of the misery. Abuses, injustice, discrimination, pain, heartbreak, and loss are something I could talk about daily. Or I can focus on the best, rest of life, all of those lovely things God has created for us. I can resent or recover, my response will bring me happiness or dwelling in darkness. Keep doing what you’re doing if you want to get the same result.


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