self-awareness to program light through the dark

Healing Pain, Perception of Message

Open your mind to healing pain, look at what is in front of you. Reflect on this pain, trouble, or conundrum. Look for a message, a symbol or visual, feel awe and gratitude for the trouble and for that message, for what comes through, even when it has a painful delivery. Yes, there may be pain. Don’t miss out on the message!

My hope is that sharing my experience triggers your own. Thinking about the injustice, let’s call it, at first all is dark. Remember, wait for it, wait for it, ask for it, more is there, don’t give up, wait for it, yes, aha, light in the dark is coming through. That was my message. That was it. Light through the dark. There is actually always safety, a loving embrace for me, and for you. Thankfully, it is a simple truth, right? You are always loved, always have been, always will be.

At the root of fear is insecurity. Peeling back the layers of pain (in my case even a physical pain) is a gift of a message rather than a curse, to reveal light from the dark. Fear becomes pain, mentally and physiologically, delivering a message. Understanding past blocks, knocks, and darkness is meted with light pouring through that there is comfort, security, connection, and gold. Onward now securely, with lightness, leave angst ridden dark days, as traces of years ago.

Messages Perceived, Repeatedly

For me, my visual and message assured “light in the dark”. My first depiction of this message that appeared was this Amazon item that came to me on a list of must have kitchen innovations. Oh my! It startled me. I’m sure this is woo woo and odd to some, but I was immediately aware of the significance. Right? Adding white chalk letters to black chalkboard literally does bring light to the dark. Esoterically, labeling and identifying contents, is bringing light to the matter.

Then another article was so enlightening! It gave me a solution. I have stacks of books, lovingly selected and of great interest, that sit darkly looming, unopened, beside my comfortable reading chair. A bit overwhelming really, until another simple application of my new message came to me in this article. Sometimes it is helpful to speed read, reading the table of contents and skimming paragraphs. I may not have a lot of time time or attention span, but I can certainly open a book and glean one or two points this way. Light in the dark, I look forward to nuggets of light as I finally make progress, now that I have redefined “read”.

Later, in the car I was singing and easily picking up the words of a new song when with disbelief I realized I was repeatedly singing “So let’s shine a light, shine a light through the dark day”. What?! This is not woo woo, it is fun! The lyrics are encouraging, relevant, and amazingly on point with my message. These first two stanzas are a sample.

I like the way you roll
Honey, you’re made of solid gold
Oh, yeah, I like the way you roll
Honey, you’re made of solid gold
Oh, now, come in out of the cold
And forget all the things they sold you
Honey, I like the way you roll
Oh, yeah, you’re made of solid gold
So let’s shine a light
Shine a light through the dark day
Shine a light
Shine a light through the dark day
Shine a light
Shine a light through the dark day
Shine a light
Shine a light through the dark day
self-awareness to program light through the dark

Then there is the name of this song. The “Requiem” is a memorial service. Next week we will have a service for my dear and recently departed mom. She espoused seeing light from dark. I overflow with thankfulness, forevermore, Amen.

In the screenshot above of the song, it could be my dad. The resemblance is nuts. The man’s stature is the same as his, as is the physique, ear, and the hair from years ago, before he went gray. Is that tent a gathering? A memorial? I think I could use that tent as a safe receptacle for all the baggage I am ready to put in storage. Let dad watch over and support me with that. Memorialize that.

Healing Pain Exercise

Can you think about your physical or mental pain, troubles, or conundrums? Does an image come forward? Maybe it is an ant or two birds in a bush or …. as when I did, light permeating the dark. Then, does it come up over the next few days in scattered perceptions, like for me while reading articles that inspire solutions and give relevant tools, and then when singing discover lyrics and title with meaning that advocates healing pain. Pay attention, focus, and be open, the message for you is there. When it keeps coming up for you over the next few days, be assured, that is it. My message is to see light in the dark. I write and share this to bring light to readers where they may have any trouble, at this moment.

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