Plants Grow Better With Dedication

Do This 1 Thing to Grow Plants, Skills, and Relationships Better

Develop a skill. Find a friend. Grow your plants better! What choice can you make RIGHT NOW to create the tomorrow you desire? Neglect and oblivion keep the status quo. Mediocrity is the default. Claiming to have no hobbies, skills, green thumb, or love-life is an excuse that can be blown wide open using one thing.

What is the one thing that guarantees progress for you, whatever your desire? It is not a diet, a workout, a particular book or app or courting ritual. Rather, it is a style of approach rooted in …….. dedication.

Dedication to Grow Plants Better

Plants grow better with consistent watering and constant attention to discern any dryness, drowning, discoloration, or change. It takes dedication, forever. I have watered my houseplants every Saturday morning for 30 years. In between I keep an eye out for distress. Figuring out sunny windows for some or low light for others is a plant by plant decision. I make mistakes. I keep learning and incorporating new methods. Not care for a few weeks? A dedication like this could not temporarily wane. The dedication runs deep.

Approaching Life with Dedication Propels you to Success.

A great diet and awesome activity without dedication falls short. Maybe the type of exercise/diet everyone is debating and changing all the time is not the solution. Instead dedicate (with a D) yourself to consistent movement and healthy eating.

Being together and conversant is a relationship. Dedication makes it all so much better, deeper, reliable, rewarding, satisfying, and fulfilling. Warning: don’t dedicate yourself to fixing others. In a relationship, dedication must be two-sided. I know, duh, right? Not really.

Think about an area within your control that you are willing to commit yourself to, and choose dedication. I’m reflecting on mediocrity in my life, where I have work to do. I feel better equipped approaching this with intention and expanded attention to dedication.

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