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Better Nights, Less Wide Awake

When there is a lot going on, like challenges and deadlines, you may find yourself waking up and remaining wide awake. Your mind is racing. Anxiety about tomorrow’s activities is growing. How will you ever fall back to sleep?

I discovered a trick and I hope it works for you as well as it does for me. It is a form of meditation. Meditation has so many useful purposes, such as goal setting and achievement. You don’t have to have any skill or extensive knowledge or training. Just think about it! Read on below for an easy sleep hack.

If you are wide awake, close your eyes and think about the top of your head. How does it feel? Any sensation at all? It’s ok if your mind jumps to other thoughts, just bring it back to the top of your head. Stay there for a little bit to feel whatever you can. Move down to your forehead, cheeks, nose and so on.

No lie, no exaggeration, I have not made it further than the top of my head before I have fallen asleep. I pray it continues to work as it has for a whole week now. Apparently the reason we wake up and stay awake is because our mind is flitting from one anxious thought to another. When a mind so active, if it is given one simple thing to focus and refocus on, zzzzzzz.

Typically I sleep like a log. However, this past couple of months I have been on a super roller coaster. My prior solution was to get out my ipad, and make lists, notes, or read posts. I would get worked up for 1-2 hours. Yikes.

From wide awake to fast asleep in a minute, who knew it could be so easy for me. Sharing this post, hoping for better sleep for others who are wide awake at night.

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