Significant health results from plants

Simple yet Significant Health Results from Plants

Many spices and herbs have health benefits. Aromatics can be health plants too!! Three of my favorite herbs are lemon balm , turmeric, and lavender. These can be used to support well-being.

Significant results are possible even when keeping herbal usage simple. I like to add purchased turmeric spice powder to soups and curries. Steeping lemon balm in hot or cold water to drink throughout the day is delicious with or without sweetener. Lavender essential oil is calming and restorative. A couple of drops on my hands inhaled and then rubbed along my hairline and into my scalp is a spa like moment. Try it!

There are so many readily available plants that naturally remedy our physiological and mental weaknesses. I have learned that when you feel physical pain, there is inflammation. Turmeric zaps inflammation. While stress boosts inflammation, inhaling lavender is a stress buster. Calm and focus are enhanced with lemon balm while it also runs antibacterial defense in my system.

What are your favorite herbs? What next to explore?

Two herbs that I want to use more of are stinging nettle and sweet Annie.
Sweet Annie has a beautiful fragrance that lasts even when it is dried and displayed. I have not tried it yet as tea. It does contain artemisinin and is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many conditions. I had one stinging nettle plant that I found in the “back 5” wild area of my yard. I let it “go to seed” hoping to get more plants to begin consuming as tea throughout 2021. Benefits are significant from this simple tea.

There are simple yet significant health results from plants when we remember to use a few herbs and spices. Keep it simple or begin deeper and broader studies and applications of all things botanical, herbalist, creative thinking, components in plants, human physiology, tinctures, salves, seasons, blending, plants, safety, harvesting… Simple or detailed, it is all so interesting. Meanwhile my pain is disappearing as I target inflammation. What a relief!

I could have paid $1200 for a diagnostic. I can hear my Gastro doctor then stating , “you have inflammation”. Duh. Pain indicates inflammation. Always. No test or doctor needed to confirm that. Also duh no thanks to traditional american meds where you basically just hope for the best and end up with additional conditions to treat. I will sip my tea, inhale natural aromatics, and eat those things as God provided.

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