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Your Special Purpose

What is your special purpose? Where will you put your attention? Interesting how events in life can derail you and you find yourself wandering, wondering, and passing time. Maybe fun and peaceful, but is the time spent with 100% satisfaction? To maximize purposeful actions, you have to have a filter, focus, and a plan.

Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging.

Marcus Aurelius

Special Purpose

True so true
Without fail
God does know
My heart tale

No need to look
To the other side
All is well here
Right where I abide

Life plays out
Look back to learn
Right now I reflect
And then discern

Future actions
Pray-planned well,
With confident faith
Tell do tell!
Your special purpose

Where will I put my attention? I am getting back on track to share through composing, creating, clearing, and connecting. God’s love is my GPS. Nowhere else have I found better direction, it’s a great filter. The grass is not greener elsewhere. Your special purpose, my special purpose, found in our hearts inspired by God, is for love to permeate every decision, action, and intention. Unpleasant things happen. We all get detoured and do things or are subjected to things motivated by fear or selfishness or trickster voices. Turn on your GPS. Go forward. Honk about it!

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