With All My Love

Feeling tired
Somewhat uninspired 
Say "I feel love"
Chip chip goes a lie laced pick
Again and again, ban that critic
Think purely "I am love"
Somber tones of blue and gray
Passion lost, seems like a sad day
Breathe "It is okay love"
Your truth to endow
Each moment and with you now
Inhabit "life is love"
Water on stones slip slap slurping
Birds chirp chirp chirping
“Love you ... you .... you”
All breezes, cool or humid, wild or wispy
Spring renewal, Fall so crispy
Today also, persistent “hugs of love”
Propagate better mindfulness
Focus on lovely, and regard tough less
Always embracing “I am loved”
Cultivating noble and right
Stepping along divinely light
I am “with all my love” lovely.

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