Reacting to Life

Sometimes there is no sign. Reacting to life, there is no option but to remain down…for the moment.

I was on a hike, we stopped at a lookout. A few steps taken forward and all of a sudden slip, slide and BAM, I was on the ground. I could not stand up because I shattered my ankle.

Maybe you had no idea. Trust your intuition!

Wait, what? The new “great hire” at work is NOT wonderful after all. In fact, he is a doofus. Incompetent and inexperienced, why is he favored and being groomed for promotion? Doofus’ attract one another. Don’t let them define you. Stay true to your intuition, know a doof when you see one and be your own person, positive and wonderful. Keep smiling.

Are you following your senses? Listen to your body!

It could be that the simplest of things create joy, if you remember to take action.

When the first bloom opens on stargazer lilies, it is the best time to take a stem indoors. The rest of the blooms will all slowly open over the next few days. WOW! POW! Beautiful and elegant to look at, it is such a strikingly simple single stem bouquet. The aroma is heavenly. Each time I pass through the kitchen, is calming and blissful at once.

Cutting basil before it blooms yields bushier plants. Those cuttings will root in water to make new plants. Leaves stripped from the lower part of the stems before putting the basil in vases can be used for muddling in your drinking water and adding to cooking. All the while the fragrance and taste of basil is amazing! It is time to snip snip. When you see the window of opportunity do you react or do you let it pass? Do you resent the chore at hand and miss the reward?

This is God’s plan. Let your heart guide you.

Back to the original story about “hiking” OOPSIES. Newly retired, I did not expect to be stuck at home for so many months healing from ankle surgery. Previously planned activities halted as all of my lists had “bullets” that I could no longer bear. What to do? Reacting to life with gratitude, I embraced the quiet period, made new lists within my abilities, and counted all the blessings that were showing up. I kept going, doing less, but with a focus on better solutions.

Keep your mind open and your thoughts positive. Allow senses to have a moment to register in your body. Take action, react to life going on around you. Make lemonade if life gives you lemons, or a malady. If life gives you plants, cut them and use them. Become stronger, and more virtuous in response to horrific behavior. You are part of the plan. God is a faithful provider. Reacting to life with our heart, our bodies, and our intuition is our choice.

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