with all my love

With All My Love To Love, Be Loved

Said it before and I’ll say it again with all my love just like my mom did many times, “people are no damn good”. Since Adam and Eve, we just can’t help ourselves. Sh*t happens. It is tempting to hermit away with the garden and thyself and prayer where solace is found. But that does not mean we should live like monks.

I am turning my Love radar up full blast. I am curious how many times I can detect it. Whether it is coming my way or an opportunity for my heart to gush a bit, I wonder how often this tenderness will prevail. It’s pretty heady already this morning. Hey, I actually don’t want to leave my home and friends and fam and BLAM (Be Like A Monk).

with all my love purpose

With All My Love

Feeling tired
Somewhat uninspired 
Say "I feel love"
Chip chip goes my pick
Bless that inner critic
Posture purely "I am love"

Somber tones of gray
Passion lost, a sad day
Breathe "It is okay love"
Your truth to endow
Your purpose now
Inhabit "life is love"

Splash slip slurping
Birds chirp chirping
“Love you .. you .. you”
Cool, humid, wild, wispy
Spring fresh, Fall so crispy
Every day “hugs of love”

Propagate mindfulness
See the tender regardless
Embracing “I am loved”
Cultivate noble and right
Stepping in divine light
Lovely “with all my love” 

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