Less anger, live longer and better

The Secret According to the World’s Oldest Living Man

In an interview, Mr. Watanabe, the world’s oldest living person last year, said his secret to longevity is “not to get angry and keep a smile on your face.” Are we smiling? All the time, er, most of the time? In addition to keeping it positive, he loves sweets and was an active gardener. He is singing my song!! Two weeks ago I gave a quick story on smiling and leadership values. Last week I wrote a poem to encourage trueness to yourself, and this week I am hitting you up again with both – reinforcing positivity with a poem, and the possibility of a better life. How sweet that the oldest living person is HAPPY!!!!!! I want a better, longer life, and less anger for everyone, hear my prayer!

What Are You Doing Today?

Today today today today!
I smile and I say
Oh, just one more left,
Ok, yes please.
Cinnamon Toaster Strudel
Hello that is for meeez!

Get up, get going,
Words are aflowing.
Smile readers smile!
I have for you this tidbit,
Life can be better
If you enjoy your visit!

To the garden I go
Where life's lessons grow
It's God’s great art exhibit
Free for all, and anyone.
Flora and fauna delight
Wordless smiles, sharing sun.

Today today today
Smile when you say
Yes, please, and thank you,
No thanks, not right now.
Whatever comes your way
Feel the love, smile and POW!

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