What To Believe In

What You Should Believe In

Where you put your attention, is where you will flourish, improve, develop, produce … and so on. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to what WE BELIEVE, and to pay less attention to what others are saying, doing, or even saying and doing about/to us. What you pay attention to, what you believe in, is what will come into your life.

A few years ago, I was in a difficult situation but then I was empowered by when I realized that no one else defined me, and I became even more resourceful, engaged, and positive. So here is a poem I wrote today.

Believe In As Designed

Foreign or hurtful, 
These things do not define YOU.
If destructive OF you,
Believe not at all.

Little ant in motion,
On a path agreed by many.
Some get crushed, no matter,
Designed pursuit continues.

Guard your values,
Born of love!
Believe the joyful,
Soulful, soothing.

Stay the path,
"I am enough".
God's love is eternal, 
For you, you are a warrior.

One lost little ant,
Vivid on a rose gold MAC.
Scurry, scurry, scurry,
Same in aloneness as not.

Step into YOUR power,
Your “yourness”.
Go along, get along,
Believe to thrive.

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