Meditation soothes and stimulates

Meditation Soothes and Stimulates

There WAS growth, in spite of a difficult few years.

I am part of a community, pause and expand where meditation soothes and stimulates positivity. This past Monday we thought about the growth that we have had at work or in our creative endeavors and hobbies. We also thought about connections and personal relationships to others and to ourselves in terms of growth. It has obviously been a unique time, pandemic and all.

Think about things. What changes have occurred these last few years? How have you changed? Are you a better listener? Maybe you have become aware of your inner critic and have learned how to manage “that noise” in your head. Some of us are more intentional now, slower to respond, or may be more gentle with ourselves, and, or, with others.

Meditation soothes and stimulates

With the caregiving and death of both of my parents during COVID now behind me, I can say I grew in spite of this difficult period. Most of us, maybe all of us, have experienced trauma since 2020. I hope everyone is taking time to feel better now about themselves and the world. It is time to nurture oneself and others. Meditate on this and you will identify areas of positive growth and areas to work on.

This morning’s meditation posed three areas to reflect on. What specific actions can you plan for this week to grow your creative or work pursuits? What is your body telling you that you need more of this week? Who can you reach out to this week, to further connection?

Meditation Stimulates Action

I’m looking forward to iconically simple clearing. When I am done putting away art supplies, I will use the reclaimed desktop to finish up some cute labels for apothecary herb jars. Other unfinished business will be revealed in the layers of mess that always builds up in short time. I cleared this area not too long ago! Fasting for lent is clearing and restorative with healthy simplicity of intake, thoughts, and prayers. This frequent connection to self through God is a perfect preparation for Spring awakening!!

Meditation soothes, and stimulates positive awareness and actions. It provides tools for daily living. Let’s look forward to this beautiful week ahead, replete with important time, well spent!

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