everything you want

Everything You Want

Be in a positive vortex and everything you want will become more and more tangible. I realized that some of what I am doing is less than I had expected, less spectacular, less complete, less possible. Why? I had some negative creep into the middle of the process. Ambushed!!

Whether it is me or an outsider adding their two cents, you can watch a derailment firsthand that happens with such subtlety you may not even know it happened.

“Well that didn’t show up like I thought it would.” Maybe it is not finished. Dang! Eureka! Don’t just throw in the towel. Stay positive, curious, and active. You’ve got this, and everything you have always wanted!

Love and kindness and everything you want

Love to all the lovers and lovelies from the past, into the future, and FOREVER. Love and positivity eternally, manifest everything you want, each and all! Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful souls!

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