the simple joy of rose petals

Simple Joy of Rose Petals

The simple joy of rose petals is in full bloom once again at my house. Getting ready for a Fall wedding, I am cutting roses several times a week to dry and use for decoration, details yet to be determined.

the simple joy of rose

Head to the garden! It is best to cut blooms in the morning once the dew has dried. Head indoors with your basket of 10-15 flowers. Grab the base of one flower in one hand and all of the petals in the other hand and pull on the petals. They will easily come free. Leaving them scattered on paper plate(s), they will dry within a few days or a week. Your entire room will fill with a beautiful scent, some have more than others, as they dry.

the simple joy of rose petals

Once dried, store them in a tin, glass jar(out of sunlight) or paper bag. Use them to make tea. Just steep in water with a teaball or any tea making device. You can add them to sachets or potpourri. Last year for a bridal shower favor I made 50 lavendar sachets and added dried petals and buds and flowers. 50! Nutso!! Who wants to make 50 sachets!! I was overwhelmed and kicked myself for volunteering this service but as soon as I started it was a blessing! I was delighted to be submerged in beauty and scent. There are so many benefits to the simple joy of rose petals.

More Ideas for Rose Petals

With a few more ingredients and steps you can also use them to make tinctures and salves. Decorate with them! Scatter them before they dry on a tea party or bridle shower table. You can eat a petal! (Unless you have used systemic or other chemicals.) They are delicious and nutritious! The flavor varies from one bush to another. For more ways to discover the simple joy of rose, see my earlier post. Your roses are beautiful!!! Just like you!!!!!!

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