random hacks

Random Hacks

Always look for improvement and solutions. As a life long learner and inventor, I (and my brother) come by this spirited productivity honestly. Dad and Grandpa always saw possibilities, random hacks. Engineering type solutions to efficiency improvements were common. Mom also was a “getter done” dreamer who would confidently beat whatever she wanted into reality.

I decided to start to keep a list of some relevant possibly helpful discoveries. Loving time to tinker and research, I am, compelled to share. Take it or leave it.

-A week ago I hesitated and then …… YES …. Go ahead! Oh joy!! Buy the cute YELLOW blooming hyacinth for $1.47 at Walmart or your grocery store. Partake in an early sensation of joy for what’s to come. Admire it inside or on a porch now. Plant it in the garden to die down once it warms up. It will come up every spring for years to come. Why buy bulbs when you can purchase a blooming plant for a similar price. The early bloom forced in greenhouses is heavenly!

– Start building your smoothie by first grinding the flaxseed rather than leaving it whole. Do this before you add any other ingredients. Flaxseed is processed by the body better when it is ground. These benefits include omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants against cancer; B vitamins , minerals, and fiber.

-Keep nut butters upside down . You won’t have oil separated and sitting at the top to contend with when you open it. Loving sunflower seed butter in my smoothies!

-With needle-nose pliers you can redesign jewelry. You can easily remove sections from chandelier earrings if you prefer …. less….. I am altering many things these days to be more to my liking.

Random Hacks to Fight the Battles

Some stickers that are hard to peel off can actually come off easily. If they’re on something that you can soak in water for a few minutes, try it. I figured this out when I picked up a dozen glasses from the thrift store. Each one with its own individual sticker. Usually I struggle, messing up my fingernail, trying soap, oil, peanut butter etc. Shocking! Soaking in water was so effective! Times 12!! Boo Ya!!

-Tea tree oil drops on the windowsill helps deter ants. Check out the video below. I wipe a light circle of the oil around an ant, will it go round in circles?

-A wet Kleenex easily swipes up ants rather than squishing each one with a dry tissue. The battle with ants has been intense for several years here and it’s not food they are after. They come in wanting to nest in my houseplants. What the heck?

-A few tablespoons of orange juice with some water in a cup attracts gnats. I had a situation going from some crappy potting material.

So hey, between ants and gnats, me thinks you probably are disgusted. Do you wonder about me household cleaning standards? Me don’t care.

What are your frustrations and random hacks that work for you?

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