Over It, Over Regret, On With Living

Regret, Feeling Over It, Falling Back In Love With Life

Regret is an awful feeling, it can even physically hurt.  There is important work to do, including healing activity before you can fully reclaim or begin to claim joy. One of my favorite podcasts is Christine Hassler’s “Over It And On With It” and I added it to my resource page for visitors here to benefit from.

Jumpstart to a New Decade

WOOOOOOAHH ….. this is the last month OF THIS DECADE.  Hello!! What a perfect opportunity for anyone suffering or feeling stuck or just wanting more, perfect time to get to your best living, and be in love with life. Do you have any goal yet for this month?  Something extraordinary and memorable is better than letting this month slide by. Plan for less regret, it is time to get over it so you can share your strengths, skills, and be who God intended you to be.

What do You Want Your Legacy to Be

Where you spend your time preparing, is where you have hope was our sermon at church yesterday. Take this opportunity to work big and play big the whole day through, all week, all month.  Prepare for a beautiful life in the upcoming decade. Compassion, authenticity, and intuitive action  will be my pillars! What will yours be to build the processes you need in order to share your gifts?

“Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.” – Wilfred Grenfell

The featured image for this post is from the perpetual calendar below. I love this calendar, to this day, and every day for several years now.

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