Making changes for beauty in the garden

Making Changes and Bullshit Stories

Are there a few important changes that could really make life better? What is getting in the way of making changes in our lives? For me it is the B.S. stories I tell myself.

I do get tired of “same old same old” mental stress and bodily duress. Acknowledging, ignoring, gaming, avoiding, and ending up doing other than what is best is pretty normal for us all. There may be fear of change. Or maybe there is some sacrifice that is hard to make. I find though that if I dive in or even just take a small step, results are positive and I feel relief and wellness. Let’s do this thing!

I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with a person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.

Elizabeth Gilbert
Making Changes in the garden

The garden is coming to life! The amount of weeds and the work to do is overwheming. Slowly and surely I am making changes daily to tame my acre. Why did I create so many gardens?? Be calm, just work one area. Don’t ignore it all.

Holiday weight gain is for real from Halloween snack size Snickers all the way to Valentine’s Day dark chocolate Kisses. Don’t I continue to want daily treats even though bathing suit weather is here? My neighbor next door is laying out today. YIKES!

Revelations May Indicate Making Changes

Then there is ………….. drum roll ………………. Wine. Just as important to me is tennis. I am making a connection between performance and whether I had my happy hour or not. Take a break!!!

Spirituality is central to my core as I get older and closer to my eternal being. Constant prayer and study have been changes I keep working on. I am excited to continue to add elements of this to my artwork. I am upping my dedication.

Do you need to change your job or career? Maybe you need to spend more time being creative rather than avoiding your passion. It could be that a toxic person in your life needs to be cut out. Household clutter or chores are easily ignored. Family time, spiritual time, time just for you … how are you spending your time and are you making changes to show up more authentically, as how you want to be?

Do some reflection to bring focus to the most important changes needed, meditate, make a plan and write it down, work on it. Small steps will feed your soul with encouragement. If you are on the right path, everything will naturally fall into place. There is time, it will work out, ignore the B.S. as it pops up, don’t let it get in your way. Better days ahead my friends, better days ahead starting now for you!!!! 🙂

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