Plant some seeds

Let’s Plant Some Seeds, Simple DIY

Not only relaxing, energizing, and rewarding in so many ways, gardening is a good skill to develop. Plant some seeds to start. Feeling Covid and Snowvid, doom and gloom? Get busy and bust a sprout.

No big surprise, my first seeds to sprout were the ones under a cloche. Humidity is essential, as is warmth and sunshine. I will move the rest of my peat pots into containers with clear plastic lids today. I don’t want any laggers. Germinate guys, germinate!

Some seeds may not germinate regardless. When I gather them from grocery produce it is always an experiment. I also have seeds that are a couple years old, still worth trying. No worries. I don’t get upset by gardening challenges or flops. I have more seeds and outdoor sowing is around the corner. With loved ones safe and satisfactory progress in important areas, I am blessed to have time to plant some seeds.

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