Map of Wellness

Treasure Map of Wellness

There is a map of wellness, to stay on path to doing “it”, the greater work. Move beyond dead ends and stagnant ponds, confront those whispers in your mind and body, before they build to deter you and cause pain. Let things line up for greater abundance, avoid and dismiss things identified along the way that do not serve you.

cellular nutrition

Unlock and tap into tools of wellness. Communion, liturgy, and prayer provide spiritual warfare. We are elemental. Those herbs and foods that bring us in balance, are plentiful and provide cellular nutrition. Nature is supportive. Meditation and journalling moves roadblocks, to get closer to roots of oneself, and to unleash authentic expression after inner work.

I wrote about my lesson to stop fretting, do “it” anyway, and end up actually growing and loving the experience. Anticipation sucks as the inner critic tries to defeat progress. However, make the change, to serve others, and …. serve yourself. The other thing I stumbled on that finally quelled my mind and bodily signs of stress, “I am enough , I am good enough”. Through meditation and prayer, in the garden and in my journal, I realized I could have the courage to be authentic, and I did show up, and all was fine. My service to others was a blessing to me.

And if we are well, whole, balanced .. we can step back, express ourselves, stand up for truth, love, and be a beacon of strength. These are opportunities to let go and build, within our soul matrix.  This is the map of wellness. Live in love rather than fear, knowing, God will catch us.


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