Satisfying Soup, Loving Life Pursuits

Most of the time I can put together a soup with things that I already have on hand. I prefer not to follow a recipe, I love using up whatever I have on hand, especially things with limited shelf life. Make a special trip to the store to purchase something? Oh heck no.  A couple of times I have had a flop that tasted odd, but that was in my earlier days of cooking.

I think about what would taste good together while I am pulling out items from the refrigerator and pantry and 15 minutes later, I have a homemade, delicious and nutritious meal. Today I had a half a carton of vegetable broth that I added to mushrooms sautéed with chopped fresh scallions and fresh garlic and Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. I also added dried rosemary from the garden that I pulverized with my fingers. A half of a can of small peas and a third of a bag of cooked rice with kale also got cleared from my refrigerator; YAY! I love to use things up, I love how yummy this soup was. I feel healthy!

Not just in the kitchen …. I approach all of life in this manner. We have so much good going on, we just need to Transform, Refine, Innovate, Master satisfying solutions …. that is what TRIM at is all about.  Better and less is a mantra for this lifestyle of enjoying moments, reflecting, and just feeling so grateful as each day unfolds.

I go from one project, pursuit, adventure …. to the next, loving every moment of purposeful attention and creativity. What do you have in your life that needs TRIM?

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