Perpetual Life Changer

What is your self care routine? One staple of mine for the past few years was a gift, the kind that keeps giving. It is a perpetual calendar, a flip book that sits on my bedside table and has resonated daily with my life giving me solace and confidence. It is still available online, along with others that have different themes. Literally I have looked at this every morning since December 26, 2015. It is just 1 – 3 sentences about how everything is okay and I always reread the prior day first, then flip it to the current day because there are strands of thought being built day to day. It is CRAZY good, making everything more than just okay, I love it.

*******Click****** here******, search on “perpetual”, get free shipping at $50. It just makes sense to pick up some gifts at the same time.

Update: I checked again and when you search on “perpetual” there are 103 options starting at $5      🙂 🙂


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