Namecheap hosting services ….. so far some magic is happening after a few bumps.

There is such a fun tool to use when naming your company, to identify whether the name has already been claimed for website purposes and Namecheap was where I found this free research tool. There are many domain names already owned but even more that are available at various prices. I made my choice and after a few quick keystrokes, Namecheap set me up as the owner of my domain. They had a free tool called Canvas, and I launched with a cool picture. I added hosting services a couple of months ago and this month I began posting. Whenever I hit a bump, I use the chat service at Namecheap. Take advantage of promotions, you can find the current ones by clicking here. I did, and I was lucky enough to get my domain for … I can’t remember but under 10 bucks, and hosting for practically nothing for the first year. You can do this!!! I did. 🙂


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