Easy Daily Habit to Elevate your Life

“Make this a part of your regular routine.” Yeah right! That’s just the thing — most beneficial routines ….. are never even established, they do not exist because it is too hard to get a habit going. I have a few tricks and this one that I share today will transform your life.

Begin each day with a few words of inspiration rather than staying in the same old box of thought, day in and day out. So how exactly do you do this without feeling bored, making excuses, or simply forgetting?

You just need the right sidekick.

My sidekick is a perpetual calendar. Supportive and uplifting words staring at you when you wake up can bring a completely different tone to your day and to how you approach life. Positivity peppered into your thoughts is exactly the right spice to balance your actions and reactions throughout the day.

It is a very small investment, and here’s the thing, you can use it year after year. This perpetual calendar does not include the day of the week alongside the date. New year? Just keep flipping. Another benefit is that I love to see the date first thing each morning as I flip it. I have been flipping mine for 3 1/2 years!!

To get even more meaning start each day by rereading the inspiring words from the day before and then flip it, see today’s date and reflect on the new message. There are themes threaded throughout so reading two days just amps up building and fortifying your bliss.

Keep it out! If you tuck it away you will forget to look at it. This was one of the best gifts I have ever received. Get more than one and share it with others.

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