Two words can change life

If you take time to reflect, and consider where you are at on your Misery to Merriness Meter, you can start to get a hint at what your 1-3 words are to move into a happier place. Awareness is great but taking action is what makes a difference. If you can reduce your focus to a few words it gives you a simple structure to take action continuously and repetitively. Change is inevitable and the shift is amazing.

Over a year ago I started one practice and stopped another. Interesting how my “better and less” philosophy resonates with whatever my intuition is telling me. I have been using two words, SENSE and WAIT. I can feel better on a dime when at any moment I ask myself to SENSE, to actually hear, see, feel, smell where I am at. For me it is genuinely beautiful as I enjoy so much more. Yesterday I made a wrong turn and parked farther than necessary but my walk took me past beautiful vines on a path I would have never seen. The other word that is letting me off the hook of unnecessary responsibility and little gain, is WAIT. Instead of feeling responsible or unheard …. WAIT I ask myself, Why Am I Talking. I love to enliven good connections and beneficial progress and am happy to but …. less often now, only in conditions of love, respect, and mutual connection. There are other situations as well where I find WAIT actually brings more pep to my step as I breeze through awkward or aggravating moments pleased to WAIT! Eureka!

So what are your words or what would they be, that is the question. Where are you on your merry to miserable meter? For anyone interested to take a step toward awareness click here, I am offering a list of questions. If more resources and support are needed to determine your words, other strategies and tactics to remain in focus on improving your well-being are coming soon! We all benefit from learning and growing and spreading goodness.

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