Helpless Yet Powerful

Today I hope that there is a strong cool breeze where you will magically find your strength, and even though you may be helpless, you may yet still feel powerful. This is a sentiment expressed a few days ago that I wanted to share here … it is so beautiful.

I love so many of the conclusions and pervasive thoughts of young adults. My sweet children ranging 25 to 30 often teach me such beautiful attitudes, ways, and reasons to nurture ourselves and others to be happy, content, and calm.  For them it is their default approach, which they explain to me, so kindly.  Nourishing all the things, health, careers, pastimes, and relationships, bringing more time to that which is right with me and with you, with each other. All is well. No worries. This is powerful.

Significantly, today, and adding emphasis to looking in on each other as well as ourselves, in an email that I just opened was a plea from a son who lost his Father tragically 40 years ago “please help someone in need today…it could be yourself” and I agree, it could be yourself.  Nourish yourself, value your interests, look for peace and well-being from this moment on, and know that although there are many many things outside of your control, you are powerful, you are enough, you are perfectly perfect. Feel the breeze.

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