Eco-friendly tea time is so nice

Only $5.39 for 100 bags with free shipping and stellar reviews, these are a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I can fill them with loose tea like the one above or spices and herbs from my kitchen and garden. I was frustrated with tea bags that were so hard to rip open; I knew they could not be biodegradable, what the !! Now I refine my purchases for less harmful packaging. I also do not love any of the diffuser balls or strainers that I have …. do you? They just do not sit well, or work well, or clean up well. The best one I have is the Teavana pot, which I do love, but it has some limitations too (cleanup is easy but not quite as convenient as tossing a bag).

And ….. there are tea bags that are eco-frienedly to try ….

I love tea. I gave up my second cup of coffee to give myself the benefits of a cup of tea. It is a beautiful break in the day to give oneself. I do this for myself. I love tea.


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